Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

For many years I have been looking into Yoga Mat, and that helps me to come across the very best yoga mat for hot yoga. In my quest for the best mat for hot yoga, I tried several of them, and I noticed that the yoga mat I will be sharing with you in this article had been the best yoga mat for hot yoga.

In one of my days of hunting for best hot yoga mats, I stormed on the reviews by Amazon customers, and this reviews further confirmed findings of my discovery of the yoga mats for hot yoga.

Yoga Mat Review 2018 – Best Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga You Can Buy

Manduka eKO Hot Yaga Mat

Manduka eKO- Best Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga-Review

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I crazily fall in love with Manduka eKO because to me it is the very best for hot yoga. This Mat is easy to use in traction in wet conditions. Here is another thing I like about it is it’s closed cell surface containing horizontal wave mold that has helped me in my grip maintenance. It also laid claim to an open cell bottom spur cushioning and grip.

PROS: It exceptionally combined cushioning and traction, and it handles moisture like a pro that it is.

CONS: Strong rubber odor for first few weeks, not cheap.

Mats for Hot Yoga – Jade Harmony Professional

Jade Harmony-Hot Yoga Mats-Review

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I consider this a professional grade best mat for hot yoga, and this is because it is made of absorbent material and lighter. Jade produces their yoga mat in a variety of catchy eye colors. This mat is completely eco-friendly. It provides wonderful grip. Its texture is so unique that it makes provision for excellent performance.

PROS: It has an ideal balance nature of comfort and traction; it is slightly thick, holds up well to moisture.

CONS: It gets dirty easily when we use it regularly. it can be hard to maintain.

Best Hot Yoga Mats – Manduka PRO

Manduka PRO-Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga-Review

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If you are on the lookout for the hot yoga mats that have end yoga non-slip yoga, then this is for you. Manduka pro yoga mat has a sticky top surface that keeps user’s feet firmly rooted during balancing stances. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is very good, it maintains its grip with the floor. It is one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga as it is slip-resistant. It is exceptionally made, it cushions user’s spine, hip bones, elbows, knees contacting hard floors, and finally, it is very durable and excellent.

PROS: It has great texture, sticky when moist, large and spacious, lifetime guarantee.

CONS: Slightly expensive and heavy.

Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga – PrAna Revolution

prAna Revolution-best-hot-yoga-mat-review

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This mat has three layers of rubber that are eco-friendly. It is extremely durable and it very attractive. When I lay my hands on it, I discovered that its layers are laminated via heat but without any glue. PrAna mat is lighter, durable and has a variety of colors. It is the best hot yoga mat for guys and girls. If you are 6 feet or even taller, it has real space. Its rubber quality is 100% natural and good in the grip. I purchased this mat for my friend because of its size and he thanked me.

Pros: 100% natural rubber, massive size and it is Very grippy even when the yogi is hot and sweaty.

Cons: It is Heavy, Rubber smell and it needs time to break it in.