how to wash gym clothes

If you have it in mind to embark on the gym program, then I must say you will really need the correct variety of gym clothes and by getting the gym clothes, you will be comfortable and fashionable about your gym. However, you will also need to know how to wash gym clothes so that your apparel will always be neat. In addition to the fact stated above, we have many brands, styles, and colors of gym clothing with different prices to select from and note that the ones you go for will be your individual pick based on your budget.

However, the determinant fact of how much you will spend on gym clothes will depend on how frequently you intend to visit the gym. Moreover, washing workout clothes has always been the question that is frequently asked by the athlete, and in this article, you will learn different ways of doing the washing. Click To Tweet At this point, I will like to say that your choice of gym clothes should be the unfastened fitting type and make sure that the fabrics are the once that you feel cool with and by that I mean the one that will keep you as a person cool whenever you put it on.

Washing Gym Clothes

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How To Wash Gym Clothes

I will encourage you at this point to please do the tips that I am about to share with you in this article. However, the list below is how to wash gym clothes and I want you to know that I am not just writing for the sake of it but I am sharing my personal encounter when I was in your shoes back then when I was hunting for the perfect way to wash my gym clothes.

Here are the steps I took in Washing Workout Clothes

1. The first thing I get to do before washing workout clothes is that I first turn all of the clothes from inside out because it is well known that bacteria’s, oil, and sweat comes into view from the body and they store up in the individuals’ workout clothing. However, all these unwanted visitors on the athletics’ clothes can be deprived existence by doing the doing the following… The way to get your clothing clean, turn it from inside out and then ensure to soak it in the popular white vinegar.

Here is the Procedure that I get to use to achieve the best clean workout clothes as possible.

(a) Stir a portion of the white vinegar into four portions of a cold water and by that I mean you should do a ratio one to four mixing method e.g. a cup of vinegar to four cups of cold water, and after that you should soak your athletics or workout clothes in there and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Note: this will help you get rid of those unwanted odors from the clothing.

White Vinegar

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(b) Endeavor to check your workout clothes for instructions on how to wash them because some of them might come with the label that you should hand wash only while others will be that you should wash with the washing machine. After washing the clothing thoroughly with a few detergents. Rinse them properly once you are done with the washing and at the end hand them to make sure the dry up properly.

Wash Care Label

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(c) Don’t use detergents that have fragrance because it has been noticed that fragrance sometimes have a negative effect on workout clothes, it sometimes obstruct the fibers of the athletics’ clothes and in turn, make them take a long hold onto your body odor.

Dn't Use Fragrance Detergent

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Washing Athletic Clothes Accessories

In washing, athletic clothes and that includes all the accessories, Endeavour to Wash Your Workout Sneakers on occasions. And you can easily do that with the help of your washing machine. But I will advise that you clean off dirt and untie the laces on or before adding it to the washing machine for proper washing.

Washing Athletic Clothes

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Washing workout Clothes has a process and here is what to do to Wash The Accessories

  • Inserts the sneakers into cushion case and ties the entrance
  • Ensure to get the sneakers washed with some dark clothing because this will stop them from bouncing around too often in the washing machine.
  • Make sure your washing machine is pre-set to the coldest setting likely because this is what is good for washing sneakers.

Another Accessories for Athletic That Need Extra Care is Sports Bras and Socks

You can wash Athletics bra in the washing machine if the detergent you will use is non-chlorine soap or detergent. However, washing workout clothes – (bra) can be done in by using either hot or cold water. However, please don’t sundry them but air dry them. Lingerie bag should be used to house the sports bra before inserting them into the washing machine. i.e., put the bra inside the lingerie bag before putting them into the laundry machine. This is needed to stop them from problems.

Sports Bra

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When it comes to washing workout socks, one has to keep away from cloth softeners because it will ensure that your socks are less opposing to odor.

Workout Socks

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Never Use Dryer

Always Air Dry Your Workout Clothes and if it is a must to quickly dry your fabrics by using the dryer, ensure you go for the lowest heat temperature because high heat can destroy fabrics and can also melt the clothes. But the real truth is that you should not use the dryer because this is part of the don’ts of how to clean workout clothes.

Air Dry Workout Clothes

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On a final note, I will strongly advise that you should not allow your workout clothes to take a seat in sweat because if it does it will generate a nasty smelly that may be very hard to fight and you know what that means. Also, you should try all that is within your reach to remove stains safely. I have to be in your shoes before and trust me I messed things up with my clothes. I thought I could remove the stains just like the normal way of doing laundry of my office and homewares.