exercises for abs at home

Do you know that by just engaging in an abs exercises at home is and has always been a great option for many people around the world who do not have direct access to the gym, or however don’t have the resources needed, e.g., money to enroll in a gym program?

However, more if you do not have the required money that will take you through a gym section, you sure do have the time to allocate to engage in abs exercises at home. As you go through this article, I will take you through the options there are for abs exercises that you can do at home, simply and how to make proper use of any space and coupled with the shortest amounts of free time productively.

Best ABS Exercises you can perform at Home – ABS Exercise

I want to share something with you, but please tell no one about it (laughs…). I was prone to sitting on my couch to watch my favorite TV show all day, but guess what happened. My shape was weird, and I do not like my new look, and at the same time I do not want to miss my TV show for anything, so I decided I will keep watching my TV show and at the same time get back to my original shape and look.

Below are the simple exercises for abs at home that I engaged in while watching my TV show:

Stomach Crunch Abs Exercises At Home

Stomach Crunch-abs exercises at home

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These involve using your knees to your chest. These are a simple exercise for abs at home that I carry out while I was watching my favorite TV show. All that this at home training required is simply for you to sit down on your lovely couch, (I preferred the end of my couch) and kindly sustain your head with your hands and by that, I mean both hands. However, Try and raise your legs up and support them in the air and curl your knees up close to your chest, while you exhale. Frankly speaking, it is good for lower abs area.

Fighter’s steadiness Abs Exercise

Standing abs-exercises for abs at home

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I must say that this is cool, though strenuous but the result cannot be short of. The simple thing is required for you to stand up straight on your left foot and then ensure you lift your right leg knee up to hip height right in front of your body and then stretch your chest forward as you extend your right leg behind you. However, to some extent bend your left leg on which you are standing on and make sure that your upper body becomes parallel to the floor. In other to maintain body balance, stretch your arms above your head. Finally standstill in that position for a moment and then repeats the same process for your right leg.

Stomach bicycle Abs Exercise

bicycle-crunch-exercises for abs at home

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These are my favorite abs exercise. However, I must say that this is the easiest home abs exercise that anyone can do while watching their favorite TV show. It only required little effort from you. Just lie down flat on your living room rug facing your TV.

Make your hands; I mean both hands get a hold of your head and then slowly and slightly lift up your legs off the floor. Here is what you should do next: try to bring your right knee to contact your left elbow. Repeat the same process for your left knee and your right elbow. Please engage in this exercise for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Belly Crunching Home Abs Exercises

Belly Crunching-exercises for abs at home

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Here is how I get to do this exercise. I get my ass to sit down on my sofa or couch and then I will start my abs crunches using my belly, crunch all the way down to my knees (I get to do this slowly), then I will slowly bring it back up to the start position. The truth is, it makes me lose belly fat, and at the same time it is strengthening my abs muscles.

I encourage you to give these simple home abs exercises a Trier now.